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All April kittens are now sold, we are expecting another litter in September

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I had a wonderful experience with Rags and wags. I was looking for a Ragdoll kitten and was not sure where to look for or whom to trust. I was interacting with many breeders but I was not getting that confidence to go ahead and buy the kitten. But Rags and wags made it so easy as they agreed to send pictures of kittens, kitten parents and immediate video call too. This gave me confidence that they are real and I am dealing with real people. They have pure Ragdoll breed and I must say I did good decision to go ahead and buy puff from them. He is such a beautiful cat and not at all aggressive and well behaved cat just like his parents. Although they are new to breeding they are easy, trustworthy and cooperative too. I highly recommend Rags and wags for real Ragdoll kittens.

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About Rags n' Wags

Rags N’ Wags is a small cottage cattery. We specialize in producing traditional ragdoll kittens! We own a cozy country home in southeast Missouri where our cattery began. Posey, our mitted queen and Sir Clive, our seal point king, reign supreme in our home as the only Ragdoll couple we own. Their kittens are part of our family and given loads of affection before adoption. We hope to personally deliver one of our kittens to the right owners soon! We are presently open to selling our kittens in several states as we have family and friends willing to deliver kittens in these locations:. Missouri, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee, and Kansas. Kittens may be RESERVED for $200 (non-refundable). Please use our contact form to express your interest and we will respond to you soon!

Registered Paperwork

All kittens are sold on contract and must be ethically altered after 6 months of age before registered paperwork is shared. Breeding rights are possible only if special permission is granted in writing. Breeding rights cost a minimum of $2500 for a male and $3000 for a female+. Every legitimate breeder paid for breeding rights and thus the higher cost of the kittens who may be breed with registered paperwork


The Parents


Ragdoll Cat Mitted Blue Point

Posey is stunning! She’s a gorgeous Blue Point Mitted female, with soft color. Everyone who sees Posey marvels at her deep blue eyes and warm appearance. Posey’s origin is the Utah Mountain cattery in Provo Utah and both her parents were show breeds. Her dad was sold for $5000 and she seems to “know” she’s special!


Ragdoll Cat Seal point Lynx

Clive is from the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee where his breeder originated, but moved to Illinois, so Clive is an interstate kitty! Clive’s mother was a rich Seal Pointed Mink and his father a Cinnamon Pointed King with lots of white body. Clive’s colors are unique, and his soft blue eyes melt everyone he’s close to. He’s been the best Daddy Ragdoll ever, helping to wash his kittens daily, and he plays and sleeps with all three of his boys!